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"Keys to Being More Focused, Productive and Fulfilled in Your Daily Life" 
Make Lasting Change in Your Life Without Trying to Change

Do you have the willingness to implement a practice that has the potential to move you well beyond your current issue, problem, or concern?
"Learn the foundation of a simple process you can begin using today to bring about the change you want!"
In around 60 Minutes, James will give you the foundation of a technique you can use and build upon to discover what limits your ability to be more productive and focused in your work, relationships, and play!
* This webinar will be offered more than once. You may want to come to all sessions, since the questions will be different. There are only  100 spots for each webinar, so get on board quickly as this WILL sell out!
2:00 PM EST
Only 100 Spots
James Patrick McDonald
Very limited FREE webinar...  Both days have only 100 spaces available!
is a contemporary spiritual teacher and author that does not align himself with religion or specific teachings and offers a simple approach to improving your overall life experience that does not require the understanding of lofty concepts or teachings.

Some people wake up to change overnight.  Suddenly one day, everything is different for them.  For most of us, it’s a process and there are no steps. If there were six steps to stress-free living, or ten steps to making the change you want, then we’d all do them and move on to happiness.

Instead, we find ourselves in a world that seems to be moving very fast.  So many things to do, places to go, people to attend to...  and so often some aspect of our life just doesn't seem right; isn't meeting our expectations or goals and we want to change.  Maybe you need to reduce your stress, be more productive, make better use of your time, or maybe you're struggling in your relationships. 

Whatever it is, if you desire change of some kind and haven't been able to move forward, or if you just want to know a deeper sense of peace or fulfillment in your life, then this FREE webinar might be just the thing for you. You're in for a treat if you register and attend!

What You Will Learn On This INFO PACKED Free Webinar:

(Please note that the bulk of the information will be the same for all of these webinars, BUT, the questions will be different - ATTEND ALL!).

How to Reduce
Stress, Anxiety, Worry...

Begin Right Where You Are

Immediate Results

Learn the foundation of a simple practice you can use to discover the
obstacles that limit your ability to make the change you seek, be more
productive and focused, and provide you with the sense of fulfillment we
all desire.

A method of application that doesn’t require you to be something you are not, read any books, attend workshops or anything like that because…
You begin right where you are, today!

How to slow down the clutter of thinking and the turmoil of emotion every time you apply the Student of Experience™ practice.


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