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I realize you cannot make a fully informed decision until you’ve at least experienced the process in action in your life.  Since it is such a significant investment in Self I only work with people who are devoted to the process. 

If after 30 days you’re satisfied with what you’re experiencing, we can keep going. 

If you are not, I will give you your money back with no feedback surveys to fill out.

Your first consult is FREE, and then it's only $435 per month.
  • Direct, personal guidance, interaction, and support

  • Private sessions looking at YOUR obstacles

  • FOUR Sessions per Month

  • Ongoing Support via email between sessions

  • Tools and Resources to enhance your daily practice

  • Additional sessions by request ($95 per session)

  • Money Back Guarantee (First 30 days)
The journey of awakening is a process and rarely happens instantly.
A minimum comitment of four months is required.

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I look forward to sharing what I've been given.

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