Faciliated by
James Patrick McDonald

A Course In Miracles EXPERIENCE
Explore the Course from the perspective of how you experience it's teachings in your daily life.

10:00 am - 12:00pm


This groups attempts to explore and focus on EXPERIENCES rather than interpretation of the text of ACIM.  We ask ourselves how does this affect my daily experience of myself and the world around me and what is my experience relative to the ACIM topic or teaching we are focusing on?

Westshore Professional Center, Building 2, Suite R
29160 Center Ridge Road, Westlake, OH

Enter using East driveway by the main sign. Continue past bldg. 2. Suite R on the left.

Cost: Suggested Donation - You give this time to yourself.  What value do you place on one hour of your time?  Notice your thoughts and feelings while you consider donating.


Keys to Being More Focused, Productive and
Fulfilled in Your Daily Life
Make Lasting Change in Your Life Without Trying to Change

Saturday -  12:00 pm  ET
Tuesday - 8:00 pm  ET

Some people wake up to change overnight.  Suddenly one day, everything is different for them.  For most of us, it’s a process and there are no steps. If there were six steps to stress-free living, or ten steps to making the change you want, then we’d all do them and move on to happiness.

Instead, we find ourselves in a world that seems to be moving very fast.  So many things to do, places to go, people to attend to...  and so often some aspect of our life just doesn't seem right; isn't meeting our expectations or goals and we want to change.  Maybe you need to reduce your stress, be more productive, make better use of your time, or maybe you're struggling in your relationships. 

Whatever it is, if you desire change of some kind and haven't been able to move forward, or if you just want to know a deeper sense of peace or fulfillment in your life, then this FREE webinar might be just the thing for you. You're in for a treat if you register and attend!

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