About James Patrick McDonald

James is a contemporary author and spiritual guide who does not align himself with religion or specific teachings.  He offers a simple and accessible approach to finding harmony and inner peace through willingness, self-exploration and honesty. 
At the age of 30, James experienced a profound transformation of grace that left him in a state of complete and total surrender.  That awakening experience propelled him on an intense journey of self-discovery allowing him to understand and integrate all aspects of the experience into is his daily life.  In the years that followed he experienced a series of inner transformations that shifted the direction and purpose of his life.  Each experience brought a deeper sense of peace than the previous and enhanced his devotion and willingness to share what he was experiencing with others.  
James' awakening has been a real-word process dependent upon the suspension of judgment by looking directly at the suffering our judgments bring us - an experience that emerges from willingness and self-honesty.  He uses an enriching blend of teaching styles and traditions and draws on his education, skills as a training and development professional, personal experience and humorous insight as the foundation for his sharing and teaching.
He offers himself as a guide to others ready to rediscover their inner peace through one-on-one mentoring sessions, books and audio, presentations, groups , and workshops.
"The dept in which he has encouraged me to explore myself has helped me to know an inner peace that I now experience every day.  Jim has taught me a gift that has enriched my life and helped me to learn how to let go and be peaceful with myself and the world."
~ Lynn V.

Simple principles you can access and apply in any situation.

"James Patrick McDonald's books
are the most important books I have come across. 
They are all must reads in your spiritual journey back to the Self."

- Rhiannon D.

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